“When we breathe correctly, we have a sufficient amount of carbon dioxide, and our breathing is quiet, controlled, and rhythmic. If we are overbreathing, our breathing is heavy, more intense, and erratic, and we exhale too much carbon dioxide, leaving our body literally gasping for oxygen.”

― Patrick McKeown


90% of humanity uses only 30% of his/her breathing capacity 

Breathwork is a unique experience and one of the safest, most natural and

most effective self-healing systems on earth.


Benefits of breathwork include;

  • relieving anxiety and stress

  • increase lung capacity

  • helps asthma, long covid and other respiratory issues

  • balancing the nervous system

  • improving sleep

  • lowering blood pressure

  • inspire creativity

  • boosting the immune system

  • increased focus and attention

  • better energy 

The universal most healing breathing technique that we practice is a balanced breath, a pace of 6 seconds in and 6 seconds out, sometimes known also as coherent breathing, a term coined by Stephen Elliot. There are additional breathing exercises for stress and anxiety, breath for breathlessness,

breath for sleep and more.

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Combining breath, life coaching and hypnotherapy,

together we create rapid change to get you back on track!


Alleviate anxiety, reduce stress, sleep better, improve focus & mood.

Breathe better, stress less, create personal success!

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