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What can breathing better help with?

  • asthma, long covid 

  • anxiety

  • stress

  • chronic fatigue

  • sleep

  • energy levels

  • high blood pressure

  • menopause

  • migraines

  • chronic pain

  • and many more

90% of humanity uses only 30% of his/her breathing capacity 

“When we breathe correctly, we have a sufficient amount of carbon dioxide, and our breathing is quiet, controlled, and rhythmic. If we are overbreathing, our breathing is heavy, more intense, and erratic, and we exhale too much carbon dioxide, leaving our body literally gasping for oxygen.”

― Patrick McKeown

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Combining breath, life coaching and hypnotherapy,

together we create rapid change to get you back on track!


Reduce anxiety, alleviate stress, sleep better, improve focus & mood.

Breathe better, stress less, create personal success!

Contact me to arrange a free call to discuss what you want support with and how I can help.

"Working with Louisa has made a huge improvement to the breathing difficulties I have been having following a covid infection earlier in the year. My energy levels have improved radically from the first session onwards and I have also been able to do more of my normal activities as a result of the exercises she recommended. She has been patient, knowledgable and a great support through my journey so far."

'Working with Louisa has honestly been transformational. She has such a calming, grounding presence and has equipped me with so many actionable, effective breathing exercises that I use on a daily basis. I saw improvement with my breathing almost immediately when we began working together, and can't wait to continue my breathwork journey!'

"I have been feeling quite anxious and tense and the session left me feeling more relaxed than I have for weeks. I also had a whole list of things that I can try myself at home. It was educational as well as relaxing."

"I would certainly recommend Louisa to anyone who needs tools to manage anxiety through breathing and also anyone with medical issues related to breathing."

Cancellation policy - 36 hours notice to cancel or reschedule or session will be lost and no refunds given.

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