Breath is the ultimate key to your well-being. Once you pay attention to your breath and master its true power, you master your life and its outcomes. 

~ Tony Robbins


Did you know that 90% of humanity uses only 30% of his/her breathing capacity? Breathwork is a unique experience and one of the safest, most natural and most effective self-healing systems on earth.


The benefits of breathwork include;

  • balancing the nervous system

  • improving sleep

  • lowering blood pressure

  • relieving anxiety and stress

  • increase cardiovascular health and athletic performance

  • inspire creativity

  • boosting the immune system 


and much much more! 


Please contact me to discuss private breathwork sessions. I can include yoga nidra and life coaching tools during the sessions also. 

Please note that most of the sessions are conducted via Skype. 




"Louisa is an excellent teacher. Her voice is clear, balanced and radiates calmness. Time flew by. She brought   awareness and focus to my breathing patterns when I put my hand on different areas of my body."

"A great way to learn how to be in the moment and learn to re focus and breathe!!!"

"Louisa's session provides me with a protected hour of calm quietude that I can continue to access after the session ended." 

"It was quite different to what I was expecting, in a good way. Having never taken a breathworks class I thought it   would be very similar to a guided meditation so I was pleasantly surprised to discover there was more to it!"

"The sessions have been hugely valuable and having them in the weekly intervals has been so useful in keeping me on track until things become more second nature. Being able to speak to you, an expert, one to one, and in the comfort of my own home is special and so effective. It's comforting to know that if I'm having difficulty with sleeping or relaxing that I can speak to you or ask you questions. I'm also so grateful to now have some tools that I can use to help myself in between sessions and forever more!"

"I now have a variety of tools that I can use as part of a bed time ritual but also for when I'm having particular trouble getting or staying asleep."

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