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Workplace Wellbeing

The most important asset of any business? It's people!

Investing in the wellbeing of your team will reduce employee burnout,

absences, improve productivity, and help your employees thrive in the workplace and at home.

Corporate wellness sessions should be an integral part of any business structure. 

It all starts with our breath. Breath comes first, before hydration, before diet, before sleep. Breath comes first.

Contact us for our Corporate Wellness Training Workshops today!

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Motivational Workplace Wellness

Science-backed techniques to manage stress, alleviate anxiety, maintain motivation and boost productivity. We'll tailor a programme to match your unique goals, challenges and team culture.

I joined Louisa’s Breathwork session today with very little experience or knowledge on this topic. I get quite anxious sometimes and I am aware I can hyperventilate. I found that breathing mindfully in time to the session and doing this within a group was so powerful. I now think about regulating my breathing in moments of stress and find that this mindful and self caring exercise can really help to bring me into the present.


If you are wondering if this might be for you I would really encourage you to sign up and give it a shot, Louisa is an excellent teacher and I learnt some great quality information as well as practicing breath work so that I feel more able to do this for myself.


Neil aged 30

Image by Sanni Sahil

Online Sessions

Flexible Online Workplace Wellness Sessions

Zurich Insurance Plc

Louisa hosted our corporate session virtually for colleagues to learn some valuable techniques regarding the importance of breath and how to fully relax. Feedback from colleagues: the session was a brilliant reset for the afternoon of work, as well as leaving them to feel totally calm and re-energised. I believe staff have learnt some great tips which they would like to try and implement in everyday life.

Thanks so much Louisa!

Image by Sanni Sahil
Image by Christina @

One to One Clinics

One to one employee wellbeing training is an effective way to provide additional support to employees who may be struggling.

Louisa radiates an extraordinary calm and soothing energy. Just listening to her voice makes me feel so relaxed. Her techniques to find calm and peace work even during a lunch break in our busy office. I especially enjoy the tapping with energizing music and the sound of Louisa‘s voice guiding me to breathe slowly and deeply. A must for every busy executive to manage the fast paced working life and for everyone else :) 
Julia Mende
Head of Marketing & Business Development 

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