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The first of its kind!
Breathing Through Cancer
Coaching Programme

NEXT COHORT STARTING 26th March 2024! 

The Breathing Through Cancer course is a 6 week online group breath coaching programme for those feeling ok living with or post cancer treatment but want more energy, better sleep, tools for life to help with anxiety and stress and more. 

VIP Guest speaker, Dr Richard Brown, of Breath-Body-Mind TM will be leading one of the sessions on pain and fatigue this year and will do a Q&A! 

"Being more aware of my breath has definitely helped me in my day to day life. ...the course has been great - thank you!”

What we cover:

The Breath - Body - Brain Connection Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

Introduction to Hypnotherapy
Back to breathing basics

Breath Awareness
Your CO2 Tolerance
NHQ breathing
Activating the diaphragm

Breathing for stress, anxiety and scanxiety

Breath and Fatigue Connection

Breath and Sleep Link

Breath and Menopause symptoms

Breath and Pain Management 
Breath for Breathlessness

Relaxation and breathing

What you get:

6 online sessions plus bonus session.

Receive a Breathing Through Cancer manual and access to a private Facebook group 

Unlimited email support between sessions and join every course thereafter for a refresher

New connections and friendships with people who get it.

"Can highly recommend!" Becky

"I highly recommend this program. I found it really helpful in supporting myself mentally & emotionally." R.

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