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Empowering lives through better breathing.

Are you struggling to breathe the life you want? Are your energy levels often low? Do you experience breathlessness? Is stress holding your back? 


I can help.

Hi, I'm Louisa,

I discovered the power of the breath after my cancer diagnosis in 2017 and really wish I'd known what I know now years before when experiencing severe asthma symptoms and anxiety.

I want you to breathe with more ease, so that you don't have to suffer as much as you do with whatever you are going through.

Improve the way that you breathe, improve your life!

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Thank you for reading, breathe well!

When you feel that life is out of focus,always return to the basic in life.Breathing,no breath, no life.

Mr Miyagi

Three Teacups


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Working with Louisa has honestly been transformational. She has such a calming, grounding presence and has equipped me with so many actionable, effective breathing exercises that I use on a daily basis. I saw improvement with my breathing almost immediately when we began working together, and can't wait to continue my breathwork journey!

Mollie - Nottingham

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