Have you ever found life to be a little tough sometimes?

Has life not quite gone to plan? 

Has it affected your stress, anxiety, sleep, focus and joy?  












Hi there, I'm Louisa, Breath, Life Coach and Trainee Hypnotherapist.

I believe that together, with support and combining ancient and modern wellbeing practices, we don't have to struggle as much as we do while on our journeys. There are so many ways that we can build resilience and deal with the stuff that arises that won't have such a detrimental impact on our sleep, mental and physical wellbeing.

You CAN take new, positive actions to assist you on your path

 I'm here to support you and empower you with how

Louisa x  

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"I had a fantastic session with Louisa. I especially enjoyed the breathing exercise, which left me totally relaxed. Actually, repeating it this morning, I've found it energising, so I guess it's effects differ, depending on the situation. Louisa is supportive, enthusiastic, dedicated (and fun) and I left the session with practical tools which could be used every day. Thanks for a great session!"

Debbie W. North London


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Louisa x 

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