How you breathe has a profound impact on how you feel.

Every breath you take is sending messages to your brain

and your nervous system.

Improve the way that you breathe, improve your life!










Hi there, I'm Louisa, Breath & Life Coach

I know what it's like to be breathless, I believe that together, with support and combining ancient and modern wellbeing practices, we don't have to struggle as much as we do while on our journeys. There are so many ways that we can build resilience and deal with the stuff that arises that won't have such a detrimental impact on our sleep, mental and physical wellbeing.

We start with our breath. 

You CAN take new, positive actions to assist you on your path.

 I'm here to support you to breathe better, on your way,

Louisa x


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I would recommend Louisa if you are struggling to control your breathing, she is so positive and never gives up on you - she teaches you techniques that really do help. I feel so more in control with my life now especially in the winter months.

The feeling of well being is amazing after one of her sessions.


Stress melts away and you begin to realise that you need to look after yourself and to have time away from the stresses of every day life even for 10 minutes a day.

Kate H - Nottingham



Friday's 1.30pm (GMT)


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Breathe well and be well, 

Louisa x 

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