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From one chronic illness, to cancer - to living well with both.

Thought I should write a quick intro blog about me and why I am passionate about breathing optimally to living optimally!

I have lived with severe asthma since I was a child and breathed SO badly for most of my life. I remember having a nebuliser in my bedroom growing up and my dad almost breaking speed limits to get me to A&E when I had asthma attacks more than annually.

I found it difficult to concentrate at school, suffered terribly with hayfever which was most inconveniently during exam times.
Never was anything suggested about breathing properly. Years of antihistamines kept some symptoms at bay but never addressed breathing efficiently.

In 2017, I was diagnosed with stage 4 incurable breast cancer which had spread to the liver. Sadly, my wonderful and optimistic dad died of cancer in 2013, he too had asthma as a child.

Studies describe that hypoxia, lack of oxygen at the cellular level, can increase tumour growth and treatment resistance. In another study, researchers write that asthma patients are more likely to get cancer than those without asthma.

My dad and I are those people.

It has taken more hours of selfcare than I have ever given myself in the past but the results at the time of writing are so worth it.

Breath is life. I believe the number 1 pillar of our wellbeing starts with the breath. Get that right and add all the other fun things that you enjoy. I don't practice any unsafe breathwork, any hyperventilating techniques.

I'm not into the popular breathwork. I'm into stuff that works and works for me. Practices that soothe and balance my nervous system.

Never did I think I would be diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer at 34. Never did I think I would still be alive and breathing 7 years on.

Sorting my breathing out has helped me on the way to sorting my life out after cancer.

I wish I'd learnt a lot sooner.

Breathe well, live well my friends!

Book a free chat if you want to learn more and practice some of my life changing breathwork that works for me.

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