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The Time To Breathe Is Now

Welcome to my first official online blog post! It's only taken 2 years to get this going. Some of you may have seen posts on my Instagram @louisas_lemonsandlykke. I've had plenty of time to start a blog but I've been you know, waiting for that right time...a common theme amongst those of us who have ideas or want to make a change. When ever is the right time? Well it turns out that for me, the time is now. It's been on my to do list since 2017 but hospital appointments, precious holidays and of course, healing has taken a priority (and just getting my head around designing my own website and blog takes a while when you have zero experience!).



Repeat for 5 minutes.

Ok, now you've done wonders to bring your physiology back to a bit of balance. That's if you really did it, without doing anything else, for 5 minutes. Send me a message if you did, would love to know and what it was like for you. I'm super impressed if you have and your body will be too!

Over the recent years during yoga, yoga nidra training, breathing school, coaching and numerous workshops, I have learnt and practiced various techniques but the breath has always been the key element and the most important. Be it in stillness during a yoga nidra or meditation or in movement with yoga or qi gong. I'm super excited now to share these techniques with you! Also follow me @breathebalancebe Breathe well! x

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